Paint Splatter Studio Info


  • $$ Per Person
  • Includes 8 x 10 canvas & 3 paint colors (1 oz cups)
  • Free use of our tools, brushes, squirt guns, and anything else we provide
  • Purchase additional canvases to create a Jackson Pollock style design
  • Paint on Splatter Studio Walls or each other
  • Tempura (egg based) paint is used. Easily washes off your body but may stain clothing
  • We offer "Chicken Kits" which we recommend if you are too CHICKEN to get messy. We do have a sink but it is not possible to get all paint off in our studio.
  • Clean up area for hands and face. "NO SINK BATHS PLEASE!"
  • Plastic to protect your vehicle interior is provided for the ride home
  • Adult Only Events are for guests 21 and over ONLY - These are BYOB events
  • Music! We play a variety of hits and it may be LOUD! We try but cannot always provide censorship.
  • Move! Dance! Jump! and GET LOUD! But NO RUNNING! You will be asked to leave if you are running. #WetFloor #AvoidInjuries #YouAreStillIndoors


  • Closed toe shoes required
  • No use of water or liquids in Paint Splatter Room
  • Try to avoid tracking paint into our retail store area


Failure to follow these rules will result in dismissal. We understand kids and even adults get excited, but please do your best.