Silicone Adhesive (Can be used on Crocs)

Silicone Adhesive (Can be used on Crocs)

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Please be sure to test the adhesive on each item before committing to the complete project. This adhesive may not work on all silicones. 

Kit 1 Includes - 1 tube of adhesive and 1 bottle of primer.

Kit 2 Includes -  1 tube of adhesive, 1 bottle of primer, 1 tray, and 1 stainless steel adhesive tool.

Please watch our demonstration on how well this adhesive works. Visit our FB Group "KandiSparklez Bling Boss Babes" or our YouTube Channel - KandiSparklez.

Package contains enough adhesive to complete 1 to 2 pair of Crocs (depending on shoe size).

For more info or usage instructions, please contact us by phone or email.

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