Fusion Tack & Adhesive Bottle

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Includes 1 bottle of Fusion Tack and 1 Adhesive Bottle


INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH! Solvent Free! Non-Toxic! ACMI AP Approved for school use. Supertite Fusion-Tack Adhesive is an industrial strength textile adhesive- goes on white, dries crystal clear. Safe & Non-Toxic, the Fusion-Tack Adhesive is used in the clothing industry to make clothes so it must pass rigorous bonding tests and dries transparent and is washable, permeable and permanent. Fusion-Tack is also great on rigid and flexible plastics- perfect for doing rhinestone decorative projects like crystallizing a Tumbler!

BONDS: Fabrics, Crystals, Textiles, Synthetic materials, Leather and Embellishment Projects! Recommended for hemming and Sewing clothes and textiles.

KEY NOTES: KEEP FROM FREEZING. Not to be used on items to be heated or submerged. Do not Dry Clean. Allow 4-5 days before washing. Wash hands with soap and water after use.

Bonds all Fabrics/Textiles Permanent/Washable Dries Crystal Clear Use on: Glass, Metal, Plastic & Fabrics.


  • 1pc 15ml steel needle plastic dropper bottle
  • Specifications: total length of the bottle body - 8.5cm/3.4 inch, lid length - 3cm; funnel length - 4cm/1.6 inch, funnel caliber - 0.5cm/0.2 inch.
  • Product material: dropper bottle is made of polyethylene, non-toxic and odorless, with good chemical stability and can withstand most acid-base erosion.
  • Needle nozzle design: The top of the bottle is a steel needle. There is a tip protection cover that prevents the needle from scratching your fingers and preventing the liquid from drying out. Bottle is made of translucent soft flexible plastic that is easy to squeeze.

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